From the Friendly Fire Collective – Cascades: Conversations in Crisis

This is a special posting from the Friendly Fire Collective, on a field trip to Detroit, MI for the 2010 US Social Forum!

We’re really excited for the coming week to be hanging out with thousands of incredible activists and organizers from around the country here in Detroit. We’re also really excited about a few things we’ve been working on especially for the USSF.

First of all, we are pleased to present a short collection of writings from selected authors on the subject of capitalist crisis and anti-authoritarian response(s). The collection, Cascades: Conversations in Crisis, features original works from Peter Gelderloos, Erik Forman, Isaac Hawkins, and Ian Paul. This is part of ongoing project Friendly Fire is involved in that will soon produce two larger written works by Ian Paul and David Zlutnick around this same theme for the Institute for Anarchist Studies.

To view the aforementioned works please click on the links below:

The articles in the journal include:

1 – On Crisis
by the Friendly Fire Collective
2 – Crisis as Pacification by Peter Gelderloos
3 – Economies and Ecologies in Crisis by Isaac Hawkins
4 – A Flowering of Subjectivities: Rethinking Antagonism in the Desert of Crisis by Ian Paul
5 – The New Workerism: Capitalist Crisis, Proletarianization, and the Future of the Left by Erik Forman


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